we read books and talk about them in pubs. It really is that simple.

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Tumblr joining instructions

A few people have had problems joining the blog.  If you already use tumblr and have an ID then you just need to click on the email link to join the group.  But if you’ve never used tumblr before then you’ll need to register.  

Go to

Pop in your email address and create a password

You then need to make up a url for your identity e.g.

Hit the sign up button

This gives you your primary ID on the site.

You will then be prompted to set a name for your blog and connect with friends- this you don’t have to worry about unless you want to set up your own tumblr blog, you can just click the x on the little coloured windows that appear.  

You end up with something like this- the dashboard, where you create posts and check out posts of anyone you are following:

From here go back to your email and hit the sign up link, this should take you to the books@pub dashboard, where you’ll be added to the list of people who have joined:


If you are prompted to log in again this is because your email programme has launched a different browser.  Simply log in, go back to the email and hit the link again.